Friday, January 27, 2012

Meet my Pups

Lucy was a wedding gift to me from my husband.  She is a pound puppy he got from the Lexington Humane Society. I can't go in that place without coming out with a new family member, which is presumably why he went alone to pick her out! She is just about the sweetest, most low-maintenance animal you will ever come across.  She had been abused before we adopted her, had a tooth knocked out, VERY timid and scared, raw spots rubbed on her from being kept on concrete...but thank the good Lord that her previous owner saw fit to take her to the humane society. She is definately the laid back pup around the house and came out of her shell within a few weeks of being on a regular routine. She was house broken within about a week, never chews on anything besides her toys and lives for walks and dinner. And aside from one incident with some pumpkin cookies being left with her reach on the kitchen counter, she rarely requires correction or dicipline.  Pound puppies are the way to go if you're wanting to bring a dog into your life! She came already fixed, with her shots and vaccinations, and for just  $100. You can check out some of the animals in your area at the Humane Society's website.  Sweet, little Lucy's life was just glorious, until....
Dixie came along. Dixie was a birthday gift from me to myself almost three years ago. I had wanted a shih tzu for quite some time ( it's worth pointing out that my husband was VERY oppossed to this decision because he claimed she wasn't a real dog, but it was my birthday). Dixie is a very rambunctious little chick who LOVES to torment poor Lucy by trying to play with her, but Lucy is not and never has been a playful dog. I like to think she's growing on her, but it's more like she tolerates Dixie. My thought was if I could take care of this little puppy without maiming or hurting her, then we could start thinking about kids down the road.  No matter what you may think, having a puppy is in many ways similar to having a baby at first.  They require constant watching and attention, especially until they're potty trained, I had to get up multiple times throughout the night to let her out or just because she felt like playing at 2 am., she had to be kept on a strict scheudle to get used to the transition.
We once again went with the crate training method which works wonders if you haven't tried it with your dog. I'll admit, Juston was much more dedicated at first, because I just wanted to cuddle her and play with her all the time and I felt bad caging her while I was in the same house, but the results were hard to argue with.

I am definately one to make over my dogs, they're so much sweeter than most people and they truely do love unconditionally. I love to have them looking cute in their little collars, Harry Barker has some cute ones I've been eyeing for spring...

I've added a few other sites that have adorable cuties for your little fur babies!

Dog Bow Tie Collar

My pups have these adorable, handmade in the USA ceramic food and water bowls, available here

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