Friday, January 27, 2012

Savannah~ Sister City to my Favorite

My initial desire to travel to Savannah stemmed from my love of reading, which brought me to John Berendt's book, referred to in Savannah simply as "The Book", Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, definately worth reading if you enjoy a great story full of colorful characters.  After reading the book, Berendt had painted such a beautiful picture in my head of this city, that I had to see it for myself.  The fact that Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons, is here only fanned the fire further!

 Meandering through the streets, it's easy to see why the Yankees couldn't even burn this beautiful city. The ancient live oaks line the streets, their Spanish Moss draping down to create a shaded canopy over the city.  From the second we entered the downtown historic district, I was entranced. My camera couldn't snap fast enough for me to capture the beauty of the old buildings, artistic touches courtesy of SCAD, the squares we passed through....I loved every bit of it.

Pictured above, Forsyth Square is the home to the beautiful Forsyth Park Fountain, shown at the beginning of Paula Deen's older episodes. On our last visit, we were told that this cast-iron fountain has a twin in black located in Europe. I spend most of my days in Savannah wondering through the squares, going into the shops on Broughton Street, my favorite of which are The Red Clover, which has the cutest clothes, accessories and shoes for GREAT prices. You can shop them online at  My other favorite is The Copper Penny, which is a bit more high end, but definately worth a trip. Amazing restaruants aboud as well as great shopping, one of my favorites being The Olde Pink House on Abercorn. The sweet lady pictured below walked around in her antebellum garb during our dinner serenading the guests. The wait can be lengthy, but it's absolutely worth it!

One of the touristy must-do's is the Hearse Tour, after all, you're in one of the most haunted cities in America; the whole city is literally built on the dead! And the appeal of the tour for me is the fact that all the ghost stories we heard, we based on things that actually happened. Some other must-do's for us, we always hit the river-front at least a couple of nights, great food, lots of places with live music and the charming brick-lined streets lend themselves to just walking around and taking it all in for hours.  We made a trip to Thunderbolt to visit the Bonaventure Cemetary mentioned in The Book; you will also find Uncle Bubba's seafood place out this way, which in my humble opinion has better food than The Lady and Sons if you love seafood.
And last but not least, we try to visit a beach when we're close, so we hit Tybee Island for the day, where one of my favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews has a beach cottage on the island you can rent. What are some of your must do's in this fabulous city?

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